Posted by: Matrixity | June 25, 2007

Too Much Information…

I decided to arm myself with books to see about what to expect in regards to survival training for the area of the world I will be visiting. I checked about 4 different survival books out of the Charleston County Library. The best one so far is the Basic Wilderness Survival Skills by BradfordAngier . I was just wanting to know what to do just in case the worst case scenario happens…I get separated somehow from the group. I believe that I could do the following things to save myself. These are all things related to jungle travel and survival.

  1. Build a shelter-elevated-so that small animals can pass under, instead of walk right over me. That is critical given all the snakes, insects and other large crawling creatures that could bite or sting me at night. I could weave the fronds together to make it waterproof.
  2. For water I would collect rain water daily or if desperate, drink from vines. But never a milky vine. That is supposed to be a poisonous vine. How? To get water from the vine, make a slit up high where you can barely reach it. Then cut the tip of the vine off and hold it low. Clear water will drain out.
  3. After reading what food was poison and what was not and that some varieties are very close in appearance, the best thing I could do for food is to eat coconuts, grasshoppers, tarantulas and large grubs roasted.

After reading and skimming through these books, it reminded me of a story my anthropology professor at the College of Charleston told the class about a trip he took in the jungles. I cannot recall the exact place now but I assume that it was Suriname. I recall he said he was with another guy in a jeep traveling in deep trees. They saw two very terrifying things. I add terrifying because they would be that way to me! From his story I do not think it was a thrilling experience for him or his traveling partner. He said that ahead in the road there were very large animals jumping in the distance..about the size of small dogs. Jumping. When they got closer they realized that the animals were very large spiders. Now that is all I can think about now as my trip looms ahead. Can you imagine? Just try to create that image in your head.

The other thing they saw was a very large snake about as round or rounder than a telephone pole with great yellow eyes. My professor said that one of then was armed and when they got close enough to the spiders as they had to pass them, they had to kill one of them. It took about 6 bullets to kill it. Or was it the snake? Either way, snakes or spiders that take 6 bullets to kill is nothing to sneeze at. That is an animal to be reckoned with.
Exactly how big will those spiders be? That is haunting me. I am not a big fan of the little kind we have here. They cause excitability, pounding by brooms and screeching in my household.


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