Posted by: Matrixity | June 26, 2007

Full Speed Ahead

I got an urgent phone call from the trip coordinator to call him on his cell about the Brazil trip. I was not at home at the time but I did call him around 9:45 pm last night. Good thing I did. He said that my trip date has to be moved up. Instead of the end of July and the first part of August, the trip dates are July 14-July 22. He has had to cancel my original trip dates due to the Pan American games. He was unable to get any flights confirmed by the airlines due them being overbooked for people traveling to Brazil for the games. He said the Pan American games had placed a stress on the Amazon trips this year due to the scarcity of flights. There were originally 12 people scheduled to go on my original week and he was calling all to move their dates.

Wow! I was mentally prepared for July 28th. Discombobulation set in temporarily, but then when he said that he had reserved a spot for me on the new date, I told him I would take it. An opportunity like this may not come my way again so there was no way I would pass it up. I would go on the new date! Now the only dilemma is the passport. I applied and had it expedited weeks ago and now it it 19 days till the trip. It has not arrived as of yet. I tried calling the passport office last night as they stay open until midnight. Of course I could not through. It has been a month since I applied. The passport dilemma may be on.

Pan American Games

What did I know about the Pan American Games? Well, I of course had heard of them but never really looked into it with any great detail. I knew they were fashioned after the Olympics. This year the torches (500 used for Relay Rio 2007) are actually made by an American company out of Atlanta. The shape follows the same principle of the medals: to combine traditional Olympic concepts with the innovating spirit and modernity characteristic of Rio 2007. Once again the combination of two materials, acrylic and metal, was observed. These materials represent concepts such as diversity, joint effort and union around the same goal.

The games themselves include the Olympic sports and some not in that program of sports. It is held one year before the Olympic Games are held. The first Pan American games were held in Argentina in 1951 and has been held consistently more than 50 years, and have been held in cities in every corner of the continent. The idea for their origin was to create a competition that would include all the countries in the Americas, for the purpose of strengthening sport activities in the region. So this year it is Brazil hosting. The games will be held in Rio de Janeiro from July 13th to the 29th and will include 5,500 athletes, 42 countries, and 33 sports. Impressive! To find out more about the Pan American games, just follow the link:Rio 2007 Pan American Games


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