Posted by: Matrixity | June 29, 2007

Passport Anyone?

Well, I am still waiting.  Finally I called again.  On Thursday  and  I discovered that you must not hang up the phone. When I had called several times before I would eventually reach a recording that would say, you wait time is 15 or 20 minutes and music would play for about 4 minutes, then the music would stop with a loud click.  I thought that I was being disconnected as there was nothing else on that line but silence.  I would hang up thinking I was disconnected.

Well, I decided to call again and I told myself that no matter how long, I would just wait and see if I was REALLY disconnected.  As it turned out, I was not.  It was just that the music stopped.  I literally was on hold for 20 minutes of silence, no music and no other recordings to stay on the line.  Then out of the silence a woman’s voice echoed.  She gave me her name and I explained my dilemma , that my trip date had been moved up and that I needed my passport ASAP.  I still have that Brazilian visa to get!!!

She got all my information and said that she would send them an email explaining my dilemma and that I could call back in a day or two and see when it had been mailed out.  I think I will call again on Monday.  I need most of next week to get it to and from the Brazilian visa office in Miami.  I can’t sleep just thinking about it.  First,  I was totally stressed regarding financing the trip, now it is the passport stress.  Man!  Just getting ready has been a nerve racking experience.  Mostly because I have not ever been on a mission trip before.  If I had realized the passport situation and the backlog, I would have  applied even earlier thant 2 months before. Now if the trip date had not been changed due to the Pan-American Games, the passport worries would not exist. It was slated to be here the 2nd week of July and I would have a week to get the Brazilian visa.
They say hide-site is 20/20 vision.  Just please let the passport come,  and soon!  The moving of the trip up by 2 weeks has put a time crunch on everything. I am hoping and praying that it gets here soon!   I am thinking so close, but yet so far.  I know that everything will fall into place.  I will be saying extra prayers tonight and for each forward!



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