Posted by: Matrixity | July 4, 2007

Passport Weight:LIFTED!

Okay, I have gone to the mailbox every day for the past several days and still no passport. I called this morning and got the recording that due to call volume that my call could not be taken at that time. I decided to wait until tonight. I just called and I got through to a live person within 2 minutes. Everyone in the U.S. must have decided to take the night off from dealing with their passports!? Lucky for me! I was able to give my number and the guy who answered said that it was completed today! Praise the Lord! He said it was mailed out today so given the fact that tomorrow is a holiday, I should have a passport in my box on July 5th! I will have to get it sent off the same day!

It feels like a weight has just been lifted! But just for the moment. Now for the Brazilian visa. That is the final hurtle. I think that I will have just enough time to get it back. This is really down to the wire! This whole passport thing has been the most stressful thing ever!


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