Posted by: Matrixity | July 6, 2007

From Passport to Visa

Brazil Flag

Well the stress has shifted. I got my passport on yesterday. It was a site to behold… for just a few hours before I had to mail it off to Florida so that the process for the Brazilian Visa could begin. After speaking to the Brazilian Consulate twice, World Mission and Travisa, they all assured me that I would have that visa before the trip next week. I am going on faith as the days are so short!

World Mission recommends Travisa as the service to use. Basically, since I do not know anyone in Miami to go get my visa for me, I hire the people at Travisa to do it for me. It takes 2 days in person to get a visa. The Consulate accepts then on one day during very specific hours and it will be ready the next day in the afternoon. So, my passport is on the way to Travisa, overnight, for them to get and return to me. Overnight, as well. I paid to have it sent the same way to be sure I get it in three days.


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