Posted by: Matrixity | July 10, 2007

The Meeting of the Waters

This is just one of the things I want to see when I go! The Meeting of the Waters.

Meeting of the Waters

Six miles from Manaus, Brazil is one of the most incredible displays of nature’s majesty. No matter what you’ve heard, nothing can fully prepare you for a trip to Meeting of the waters, the incredible place where two distinct bodies of water meet, but don’t mix. Here is where they join, without losing their distinct qualities.

The Amazon river basin, most of which lies in the enormous South American country of Brazil, has it beginnings high in the Andes, as a series of tiny tributaries. The meeting of the waters is the dramatic convergence of two of these types of waters.

As its name suggests the Rio Negro is a darker, slower, and much heavier body of water than the Rio Solimoes. Tempurate, density, velocity differences keep these two bodies of water separate for more than 6 miles before at last they join to form the great Amazon.

The meeting of the waters is like experiencing two horizons at once, with the sandy beige waters of the Solimoes on one side, and a completely different vista as you look in the other direction at the darker, murky waters of the Rio Negro. The plays of light on the water amazes you as two different vistas greet you, side by side.


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