Posted by: Matrixity | August 11, 2007

Home, Sweet Home!

Serguem Silva! The Serguem Silva. That was going to be our home for the next week. A floating hotel. I was very excited to be able to finally see that I would be living on for the next week. As we got out of the van, we all walked down to the water to get our first look at the boat.

First View of the boat

There is is! The Serguem Silva. I had begun to take my Dramamine right after the 4AM breakfast. I was not about to be seasick for any of this trip. It was impressive. We loaded up and looked around. Our bags were loaded on by the crew and we set sail. All of us, the American and the Brazilian team were all together for the very first time.

Home Sweet Home


This is the captain and crew. His name was Captain Grinaldo. They spoke no english at all.

Captain Grinaldo

As we set sail, it was like a dream! The water was black and churning behind the boat, just like the rich Brazilian coffee we had with out meals. We were on the Rio Negro. The sky was a sight to behold…clear and clear and blue, filled with clouds.

Rio Negro

All of us spent the first few hours on deck mesmorized by the water. We were even lucky enough to see our first amazonian rainbow in the distance.

Me on Deck

It is a pirates life for me!

View from the deck


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