Posted by: Matrixity | August 22, 2007

Iguapenu Village: 1st Morning

First impressions of Iguapenu? Smelly at first. But after a hour or so that I got used to it. There were cow patties everywhere as the cattle roam freely whereever they wanted. Cows, bulls, sheep, goats, chickens. They just walk and poop where ever. Chickens were roaming in and out of houses. In addition to the cattle, I sw some very thin cats and dogs…they looked a little skeletal. I was sure glad I had my Timeberland hiking boots. I would be wearing them everyday. Quite a few others wore just flip flops. With all that poop just everywhere I did not want to have on flip flops. I was loving my Timberlands!

Other than that it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. In fact every place we went was just as beautiful. So green and lush and pristine. Just like National Geographic, except I was not watching it from my den at home. I was in it! who could not find beauty in that! I was in awe and wonder every second of every day! The village had about 12 or so wooden homes.

First View of Village

The medical team got into swing so the rest of us went down to the village to meet the people who were there. Nancy and I kind of stuck together in the morning getting our bearings in this new world. As we set off down the trail, we really had to look down to be sure we stepped in the right place. William had gone ahead and was playing soccer in a field behind several houses with some boys. He was barefoot. He really had no fear of any germs the entire trip. Nancy and I watched him play soccer and then walked around some. I found the Presbyterian church and had her take my picture. It was wooden , open air.

Presbyterian Church

Then we visited some of the homes and found some children at home. These are all brothers and sisters.

Visit with Mura children

Some of the others on the American team began to braid girls hair. I think that was Stephanie and Bethany. They were showing the girls how they looked in a small mirror. It begame very apparent that they had never seen themselves in a mirror as they were very shy and hesitant to look in it. That was….I don’t know. A few polaroids were taken as well as they had never had a picture of themselves. The mom’s had no pictures of their kids.

Hair Braiding

After spending most of the morning visiting, Nancy and I stopped and sat on a wooden bench that was near the water. It was just before lunch when I got this picture. At 12 noon, the dentist and doctor were closed and we all headed back to the boat for lunch. What a morning!



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