Posted by: Matrixity | August 22, 2007

The Meeting of the Teams


The View as we left the riverbank for open water.


Captain Grinaldo and Me


Food is always a good way to bring people together. The entire boat had lunch together. The Brazilian team and the American team had a chance to break bread together for the first time. We had Brazilian food of course, made fresh each meal by our chefs. The food was amazing. It was all things we had never had before. Needless to say, it was also lots of things we could not pronounce, unless you knew the language. The first noticeable drink was the Guarana Antarctica. This drink Guaraná Antartica was unlike anything I had ever had before as it was made with guarana. It was brown like a Coke, but it was so clearly unlike a Coke, it was not even funny! It was good. I drank it each time it was served. They had Coke, but who wants that when there is Guaraná Antartica to drink!

guarana bar antarctica

For dessert we had something called Cupuaçu. I was not sure what this was until much later on in the trip. It was some sort of local fruit and chocolate custard of some sort..not like anything I had ever tasted before. It was light, good, different. About the Cupuaçu…it can replace cocoa in many day-to-day foods, especially for children, such as chocolate milk. It is frequently used in desserts, juices and sweets. Cupuaçu seeds can be made into cupulate, which looks and tastes just like chocolate but is cheaper and more resistant to heat. Yep that is exactly what we had, now that I look it up! Cupuaçu! It was good!


A t 4pm we had a meeting to talk about the medical plan for the next day. We were also able to see the Meeting of the Waters. It was amazing. And from what we were told, normally not see on the way to the villages at it would be at night when they would be traveling that part of the amazon. We all stayed out on deck and just marveled at the water and the land and the vastness of the river. Here is the first time we saw the meeting of the waters!



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