Posted by: Matrixity | August 22, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere…

and not a drop to drink! Remember this picture from an earlier post about the coffee colored water? This is the color of the water. I was under the impression that the water used to run the boat would be clear water like what I am used to here in the US. I was certainly surprised to see that brown water in the toilet. I immediately asked might have been Amanda or Emily…..where did the water used to run this boat come from?

Rio Negro

You guessed it! I was told that the water that runs the boat was the Amazon River. It is fresh water, but not fit for drinking. All those parasites and microbes and let’s not forget…no running water in the Amazon! EVERYTHING is just put out into the river. How does it work? Well, there is some sort of infiltation system that brings water in from the river as we traveled along and that very brown water is stored in two tanks on the top deck. There is is used in the showers and for cooking and for everything else..washing dishes even. There was no diswasher on the boat. Rustic! Well, my Monday Night Bible Study would just have a fit. They warned me to stay out of the water and here I would be bathing in in twice a day. The sun there was so hot I showered twice a day for relief. Nice long showers of brown water! They felt great. Washed my hair with it too! I was using antibacterial soap, so I guess it might be killing something! It was all good! Of course the water was not heated. It was very cold while you were in there.

I had a shower after dinner and finally got out of those clothes I had been traveling in for 2 days. Everyone else had the same idea. I began my shower and was all sopaed up when my stream of brown water stopped. I had to stay in there for about 45 minutes. I guess the tanks were depleted from dinner dishes and showers, so I had to stay in there until I got enough trickles to get rinsed off.


Just before dinner headed toward a channel

Dinner was again very good. All sorts of local foods and mini bananas that I was told came from local trees. I was able to see my first Amazonian sunset. It was beautiful. The heat had just about wiped all of the American Team out! The Brazilians were used to it. My cabin mates and I were all in bed by 8:30. We were just exhausted from the heat. The good thing..when I wake up in the morning, we will have arrived at the first village.



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