Posted by: Matrixity | August 27, 2007

Iguapenu Village: 1st Afternoon

This was the first full day in the very hot sun. My clothes were soaked the entire day. They never dried out. It was just so hot. I was drinking water but it was not enough. I soon got a headache and my eyes really felt sunken in. I did speak to Dr. Mike and He said I needed to drink even MORE water than what I was as I had most likely lost it all. I did as he said and I rehydrated. I did feel better after that and the headache went away.

The afternoon in the village was spent running vacation bible school. The format for the VBS was the same at each village. It was as follows. It was great fun and at times children from other villages would be brought over in boats because we were there.

  1. Prayer
  2. Interactive songs
  3. Story of Jonah and the Whale
  4. Crafts and balloons
  5. Candy and Toys at the end
  6. Brazilian support team led as they knew the language

This first day the craft was paper plate picture frames. One of my cabin mates had brought a polaroid camera and lots of film. Se took pictures of all the kids. The rest of us wrote the words “Jesus te ama” on each plate and glued the picture to the plate. The kids were given all sorts of ribbon and sparklies and glitter to decorate the border around the picture.

What was just amazing was that some of the families had never had a picture of their kids. Ever. It was very foreign to them. Some were afraid and others did not recognize that it was their own faces they were looking at. Even some of the adults got their pictures taken. I was in awe. The children were just beautiful. Beautiful black hair and let me tell you , not a bead of sweat on any child or adult there. Just we Americans were having the sweat attacks. We just were not used to that kind of heat. We heldVBS at the Presbyterina church. It was open air and very hot. There was a door that we eventually had to close because we noticed some children leaving and then coming again to get another goody bag. We had to stop that quick.


Here we are. It is slightly dark as there is not electricity, of course. To the right of me was a window and in that window was a chicken who tried to get in and finally did. He had a home directly behind were I am standing. He got in there into the nest and was quiet for the rest ofVBS. The women’s group was being held at the same time we held VBS. The nurse had the women and we had the kids.

After VBS, the nightly church service was held. There was not enough space for everyone in that little wooden church, so we moved the benches out and had the service outside. That was better. The heat in was just stifling. Here is everyone at the service. It was conducted byJonathas in Portuguese.




After ther service, Jonathas called the American team to center stage in front of everyone. The donation bags that we put together were distributed by family. Each family represented got a bag of needed supplies, clothes and shoes. After the service, the villagers went home. Those who came over by boat left and we headed back to the boat to have dinner and set sail for another location. I headed back to the boat.


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