Posted by: Matrixity | August 28, 2007

The Flooded Forests

Where exactly were we in the Amazon? We were in the Flooded Forests! This is where we were on the map, but normally this is area that is all grass and trees. Beneath us as we floated along was just green grass and farmland.

Flooded Forest

Every year the Amazon River rises more than 30 feet (9 m) and floods surrounding forests. These rising waters replenish nutrients in floodplain areas and regenerate floodplain lakes, floating meadows, and other seasonal habitats. Freshwater fish move into these flooded forests and often feed on the fruits that drop from the trees.


When the forest floods, the villagers transport cows by boat to areas of high land for grazing. This was an amazing site. A boat full of cattle going to be dropped off on higher ground. The pictures right after this one is an island that we pulled up to to stop for awhile. There were cows grazing there.


cattle boats on the amazon

Cattle island


This is the typical home for the peopel who live along the river banks. Everything is elevated. I took this picture as we traveled along. click it for a bigger view. Isn’t it just like a postcard? I actually bought a postcard at the Manaus airport to send back home. It was very similar to this actual picture. Nothing can take the place of actually seeing it in person.


Typical Riverbank Home Along the Amazon River

With all that water, the only way to travel in the Amazon is by boat. Canoes were what the villagers had along with a long handled motor for faster travel.

Canoes on the Amazon


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