Posted by: Matrixity | August 29, 2007

Iguapenu Village: Departure

After the service I was kind of disheartened that after all we did today, we could not do more. I cried over the need there and the fact that we were leaving and there was so much more to do. I literally stood on the banks of the Amazon River and cried. That will be a moment I will never forget. I realized how many “things” I had back at home and could just get rid of or sell onebay . I could do with a lot less and be just fine in this world. I just resigned myself to doing all I could while I was in the Amazon.

As we made our way back I got a few more pictures. Sue had been in the dental room just about all day and wanted to have her picture taken with some of the children so I took this picture for her. As we made way to leave so did the villagers. They began to load up in their canoes and leave.


InIguapenu the doctor saw 123 patients-71 adults and 52 children. The dentist saw 10 patients and did a total of 37 procedures. For vacation bible school 81 children attended. At the service 6 people accepted Christ. There were 65 women who attended the women’s group. With the clothing and shoe donations, we assisted 45 individual family units. I think it was a very productive day. It just was not enough given the need. But for those we touched, we gave a little hope and something different in the course of their daily lives.


The best part of the day came at the end of the service. I was assisting in handing out the donations to the 45 families. When it was over and as I was walking back to the boat a small, elderly woman who I have given a bag came and patted me on the shoulder and gave me a hug. What could I do?? She spoke to me in Portuguese. I did not understand her but I knew from the look on her face and her smile she was grateful. (Now you see why I was boohooing along the banks of the Amazon River.)

I made my way to the shower. That cold brown river water was calling my name. I stepped around the mole crickets and took a nice, long shower. Early some of the American team had actually braved the water and actually swam near the boat with some of the children. I think that was Emily and I know it was William. Here he is. He feared no germ or microbe while he was on this trip.


We set sail. We saw wonderful sunsets and darkness came very quickly. Darkness always comes quickly. Right after 6 or so, darkness descents like a curtain and all the stars come out. Sunsets are beautiful. In the evenings the top deck is the place to be! The breeze and the Brazilian flag waving in the ever darkening sky.

upper deck


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