Posted by: Matrixity | September 6, 2007

Night Notes

After the acai ice cream we all piled back onto the boat and we set sail on a river black like an ebony sea of darkness.  The wind was spectacular.  The stars and shooting stars were a vision that can’t be described.  At night it almost got too cool if you stayed on deck for a long period of time.  I went back and had my dish duty.  We had a late evening meeting at 8pm with Jonathas.  He told us of the Tam airline crash at the domestic airport.  It made me wonder if people  back home were wondering if it was us.  I am just glad it was not.   On yesterday  my cabin mates and I did not get up to see the first sunrise, so we have planned to get up at 5:30 AM to see the one in the morning.  Sue said that she was having trouble sleeping, but the rest of us have seen her sleeping with what seems to be no problems.  She wants us to wake her if anything exciting happens at night.  We will.

The guys tried fishing tonight as some of the  crew said the fish were biting.  Lee brought a pole with him.  The crew has been fishing as well.  Jonathas promised us pirahna soup for dinner one night.  I hope we get it, but so far noone has really caught any fish.  The pirahna are not biting!  Can you image pirahna not biting!


The only thing caught was a small catfish. Virginia said the fish made a crying noise that was disturbing so they threw it back.  Catch and release for him.  Nancy told us a crazy, hilarious story of how she had a bad deer encounter.  She said she was in the woods and a deer suddenly came out of nowhere and it saw her. It made a “deer scream” and then ran off.  We howled!  She is so funny!  Well, off to bed.  Sunrise comes early.


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