Posted by: Matrixity | September 9, 2007

Natal Village: 2nd Morning

After a breakfast of some sort of Brazilian grits… was some sort of corn, milk and coconut. It was tasty. In addition we had some sort of meat like Treet. You could tell it was from a can. It had white ribbons of fat in it. That was different. In addition we had bread and fruit. We were only spending 1/2 day in Natal so we did everything at one time or simultaneously there. We had to be on the road again in the afternoon to get to a different village.

first sight

Natal: First View as we Approached

This day is Wednesday July 18th

This building is the school, church and community center all in one.

Natal was a much smaller village than Iguapenu. There were only about 40 kids there and just a few adults. This village was very low so we could not get our big boat in very close to the shore line of the river. We had to take a canoe from our boat to the village and the villagers had to do the same to get to the doctor and the dentist.

Flooded Natal

I helped run the vacation bible school. We did crafts in VBS in addition to the Brazilians doing the story of Jonah and the whale. We made paper crosses in this village with the words Jesus loves you written in portuegues. I did that part. I wrote the words in portugues on all the crosses. Michelle and I had an assembly line going with the crafts for VBS. We all worked very well together.

Michelle holding baby in Natal

We did paper plate picture frames inthe next village. Some children and parents had never seen a camera before or a picture of themselves so over 100 pictures were taken over the week so that families would have pictures of the children. Even with that many villagers could not understand that it was there own face they were looking at. Clothing was recognized but not faces.

Here is me helping with vacation bible school. We are decorating the paper crosses with all sorts of sparkly things.


Before this session of VBS, we did do the girls hair. We went armed with all sorts of “hair pretties.” You can see some of them in the hair of the little girls. The children were all so beautiful and so well behaved.

Natal Villages


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