Posted by: Matrixity | September 10, 2007

Natal and Departure

River View

The view from the shore was lots of water. The entire village was just about flooded. VBS is over and we are going to transport back to the boat by canoe. Need I saw that I was in the canoe with people each time who almost tipped it over! It was either them or me about to tip over into the water. That was an adventure!

VBS ending

There I am in the green shirt and beige shorts handing out paper crosses

After VBS Pastor John held the service and donations were given out to the few families that were there. During the service a young indian woman fainted. We do not know why but she was taken to the boat so that the doctors could check her out. It made me think about the medical care after we left. There was none. So whatever happened to them once we were gone, they were on their own. If they got seriously hurt, then they just died. Virginia and I spoke about that. Sad…but it is their way of life. They are so remote that no one can get to them, even if they wanted to.

canoe at Natal

Me heading back to the boat via canoe

We would be going back to the boat by canoe to have lunch. While we were eating we would be traveling to another village to provide services to them at 2pm. Once I got back to the main boat the young woman who fainted was still at the room used for medical triage. She seemed okay. I approached her and shook her hand. I hoped that she would be okay. We had lunch. I tried to cool down by going to the room for awhile. We traveled on to the next village. So long Natal.




  1. […] doctor.  It hit home to me when the young woman fainted during the service while we were still at Natal.   We were able to whisk her over to the medical boat by canoe and have her checked out.  She was […]

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