Posted by: Matrixity | September 20, 2007

Mystical Toothbrush Experience!!

The Proper Way to Brush Your Teeth in the Amazon
This was a funny story of sorts. We ate lunch as we sailed along to the next village. After lunch I was waiting by the bathroom door for whoever was in there to come out so that I could brush my teeth. I had my toothbrush, cup and bottled water. Someone asked me what I was doing? What else could I be doing? I was waiting to brush my teeth. I was then informed that for the Amazon I was doing it all wrong. I asked what was the correct way? I had my bottled water. I was not using the brown river water that flowed from all the faucets.

I was told that the proper way was to brush your teeth on deck and spit everything over the side of the boat. EGADS! What sort of teeth brushing was this? My mamma never taught me to spit over the side of anything. Then I began to look around and ask and just about everyone I spoke to said they were doing the same thing. I even saw them all doing it. Now my cabin mates were not….not consistently. I decided to try it.

The key was to be sure that noone was standing on the deck below doing the same thing. Just look down before spitting to be sure you did not spray someone else on a lower deck or a boat full of villagers who came to dock before we even got to a village. It was a practice I did not keep up. I may have done it a total of three times the entire trip. I went back to brushing with my bottled water using the bathroom sink!


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