Posted by: Matrixity | September 23, 2007

Sao Felix: Afternoon Arrival

Well, as I earlier said, we left Natal right at lunch time to sail to Sao Felix. This was a larger village than Natal. We would arrive by 2pm to begin our program again. This is the view as we arrived.

Sao Felix

Off to the right was “Escola Municipal Indigena Dr. Jaconino” building. I never made it down to that building to the right, as all the activities were at the end of a cowpatty loaded trail, at the community center. This village looked like it has some electricity as there was a electrical pole up and it lead to some houses. I asked Amanda about this and she said that the electricity was used sometimes if someone had a tv or most likely for a generator that the village used at times.

Sao Felix

The afternoon was spent with Amada, Denny and the members of the American team who worked VBS. We put together crayon packets for VBS which would be held on tomorrow morning. The doctor and dentist saw patients. After that we took a nap. The heat was exhausting and then Nancy and I headed down to the village to visit the people there. Michelle stayed on board and basically read books. I am not sure, but I do not think she did a lot of visiting with the villagers. Once we got the the village we helped teach the children how to brush their teeth.

As you will recall in an earlier post, the dental team did nothing but extractions all week. Only one filling. The dental hygeine there is just non existant, so a group of us did teach the kids how to brush at this village as well. There were about 40 kids and we just lined them all up and demostrated how to brush. We gave each child a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste and a small cup of bottled water. Then we demostrated and spit out on the ground. They might never pick up that toothbrush again once we leave, but at least we made a little difference while we were there.

Brushing teeth in the Amazon

Toothbrush and toothpaste distribution

Sue: Dental Team

Showing the kids how to brush


Teeth Brushing Class

Group picture with me on the left rear

with some of the kids after teeth brushing class


Some of our hard work did pay off.

Young girl brushing her teeth in the river just

as we were about to leave for the evening.


After assisting with the dental class Nancy and I wanted to try to have some water to take a shower, so we went back to the boat and took showers. I think we skipped the service this evening. I was tired. I remember a nice long river water shower and feeling how good it felt to wash my hair. Then it was time to wait for dinner!




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