Posted by: Matrixity | October 3, 2007

Party Boat on the Amazon River

After dinner each night members of both the American team and the Brazilian team normally would congregate in the common room and socialize. There was always sweet, black Brazilian coffee and cookies, someone would play the guitar and there was lots of loud laughter all around. (I was the quiet one when I laughed…you know how quiet I laugh). This evening ( and it is still Wednesday , July 18th) Isaac, one of the crew members brings out a bag of hand made jewelry that he sells to the missionaries. Of course we Americans fell in love with it all. It was all beautiful. Most of us bought all our souveniers for the people back home from him. I did.

I bought a brazil wood cross that had the three symbols representing the presbyterian church, the medical boat and Manaus. This was for Whitney. For my mother I got a bracelet made from brazilwood, tucuma, murucu and blue acai. My bracelet was all natural acai and brazilwood. I got some other things as well for some others.


Here we all are just hangin’ out



Here is the group of us all together. You can see the jewelry spread

out on the table. That was the night we made our purchases.

Caio, the Brazilian dentist for the trip, who was the serious cutie patootie on the ship broke out the Brazilian chocolate. I have never tasted chocolate like that. It was a life altering experience. It was a large bar of Diamante Negro. The American team could not stop eating it. That chocolate and the black brazilian coffee and I was wired for the next two hours.

Diamonte Negro

Sue told us simply hysterical stories about her family. She was very animatedd when she told them and she had all nearby rolling with laughter. One was about how she gave away the family dog and then took her children to Walt Disney World to help them forget about the dog. The other was about her son talking back to her. They both fell down on the stairs. Sue was going down but she was taking her son with her!


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