Posted by: Matrixity | October 3, 2007

Sao Felix: Early Evening

In the post just before the last one I indicated that Nancy and I had come back just a little early to be sure we had enough of that brown Amazon water to take a shower in. We did not have to stand all soaped up in the shower for 30 or minutes waiting for a few trickles of water to come from the shower heads. We had lots of water pressure because the tanks were still full. After our showers we went up on the top deck and just sat in the breeze. It was slightly windy and very cool. It was heavenly. The sun began to dip slightly as it would soon be dark. As we sat there we had our very first thunder storm in the Amazon. Me, the crazy one told Sue and Nancy that I wanted to experience everything that was to experience, including a storm. They both looked at me like I had three heads. They both said that we were a large metal boat on a very large river of water with nothing around at all. We would be the only target that lightening would find! They said they were both praying against me on that one.

Just as we were talking about it, it began to get dark in the distance and it began to thunder and lightening. It was heat lightening. No rain ever came. It thundered for a while, the clouds got dark and then light again and all of a sudden a very large rainbow appeared in the sky! It was fantastic. That was my thunderstorm on the Amazon. Thunder. Clouds and Rainbows.

Storm Brewing

View from the deck as Nancy and I sat on deck enjoying the breeze!Mirror images

Mirror images of plants as we sat on the deck.

The tunderstorm and heat lightening began and we were left with a rainbow.

Here I am with on deck with the rainbow over my shoulder.

Rainbow and Me

Below is the same rainbow from the village view.

Rainbow in the Amazon

Just a little while later we got word from the village that the soccer game with the kids had just ended and that a villager was riding a local bull. Kind of an Amazonian rodeo going on. Crazy! I did not go down to see it. I went back to the deck and the breeze. Some of the brazilianship crew still fished for those elusive pirahna so that we could have pirahna soup. They promised. They did not catch a darn thing! I was disappointed. It began to get dark so we undocked and shoved off to spend the night in the middle of the river. For safety, we could not stay tied up at night at the villages. These were not people of our time. They still believed in magic and that is their native religion. Plus the indians who lived in the interior jungles could be hunting at night or may have seen us during the day and did not know who we were. We may have been a threat. Jonathas told us that there are still no less than 30 active cannibal tribes in the interior jungles of the Amazon. We were deep off the beaten path so when dusk came we had to get far away from any village or land for our own safety.


Sao Felix at dusk as we pulled off to spend the night away from shore.


Dinner was some sort of soup that seemed like it was a combination of leftovers of all the dinners we had to date. It was good, but it was like the kitchen sink with all kinds of stuff in it.



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