Posted by: Matrixity | October 17, 2007

Sao Felix: Morning Session

This morning is Thursday, July 19th, 2007. After spending last night in the river we sailed back to Sao Felix to finish up our program there. The morning session was to be vacation bible school, more teeth brushing and womens group. This would be our second 1/2 day in that village. For breakfast we had some sort of white corn mixture and milk. It reminded me of white hominy we can get in the states. In the amazon it is called Munguza. In other parts of Brazil, munguza(recipe) is called cangica. It was sweet and eaten with milk.

Hair Braiding Sessions

The day began with hair braiding sessions. All of us were armed with brushes and hair bows/clips/ties of all sorts. These little girls have never been to a salon so we wanted to do something they had never had before. It began just for the little girls, then the mothers wanted it as well.

Most of the girls had never seen themselves in a mirror. When we pulled out a mirror here and at an earlier village, they were nervous and some were afraid to see themselves. They would look but not for very long.

Braiding Hair of Mura girls in the Amazonn

Me braiding hair

This morning there was a large group for vacation bible school. There were about 60 kids or more. We did the crafts, songs and giving out prizes. Where we were holding the activities was at the localschool. There was a teacher there but there were no school books of any kind. The supplies were gave were school supplies and the extra was given to the teacher at the end to be distributed as needed. It was extra notebooks, glue and a coloring book of the bible. In addition, the teacher was todl that in 30 minutes when our session was just about over, she could come to the boat and get even more supplies.

It seems like used school books from Sao Paulo could be sent here to be used. I asked about it and was told that for political reasons no books could be sent. It seems a shame that politics get in the way no matter where in thw world you are. The good thing is that Jonathas told us at one of our sessions that they are plans to hire a teacher who will be there full time and that there is even money to pay her. So, some progress is being made for the future.

After the hair braiding was vacation bible school.

Vacation bible school 3rd village

We did more crafts and this time a few of the men got involved as well as the mothers.  Then it was back to the boat to the next village for the afternoon.


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