Posted by: Matrixity | December 16, 2008

Paraquuba : 110 Year Old Woman

As we continued to walk through Paraquuba, we came to a house where the oldest woman in the village lived.  She was 110 years old.  I spoke to the younger woman with her and this was the woman’s granddaughter.  She was very small and was almost in a fetal position in a hammock. There were other small er children there who must have been the gret grand children.  I spoke to the grand daughter in Spanish and she did answer affirmative to what I asked.   At this time I did not have a member of the Brazilian crew with me to interpret if she answered in Portuguese, so I asked just yes/no questions in Spanish.


The granddaughter said that the woman was very tired.  In reality she was ill but with no long term medical care, there was not a lot to be done in terms of really helping her long term.  I did not stay too ong but she was able to sit up for just a minute to get my greeting to her.


She really  looks good for 110 years old.  She was unable to come to the boat for medical care so our doctors went to her.  she has a heart problem and the medical team did treat her and gave her some sort of medicine before we left.

Every where we went we just saw the women and children.  The men were away working or hunting.  As far as family life the social dynamics are not good in this village or any of them really because they are so very isolated.  Pastor John told us that when he went to this house where this woman lived,  he felt an evil presence in the house.  He said that the daughters and grand daughters were very oppressed.  Oppressed by the men and dynamics of the family and village.  Lots of violent things happen in this village to the woman and the children and according to the local ministers they were in agreement and things were gettign worst.  Pastor John said that all the kids in the picture had something wrong with them spiritually.  He said it was a generational curse.  He went on to say that the village needed prayer and we did that.  We prayed for the village that night after dinner during our sharing time on the boat.  We did a lot of sharing that night as to how God worked in us that day.

After visiting with this family, Nancy and I went back to the boat for lunch and the meeting to get ready for VBS.  Now, on this trip I tried to rotate through all the activities and since this was the last village, I helped get ready for VBS but this time I went to the woman’s group.  It was held at the same time as VBS.  We had the kids at one place so that the mothers would be free to attend the Woman’s Class that we also held at each village.



  1. This is an interesting story about the 110 years old lady. I believe our environment does impact our years of living. Great documentation of your travels.

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