Posted by: Matrixity | December 16, 2008

Paraquuba Village: Chico

As we wondered through the village and thatched homes, we came upon a family with a young girl who had a monkey.  The monkey’s name was Chico.


Chico was a wild monkey that the girl caught in the trees of the forest near the village.  He was cute and looked very cuddly.  I wanted to pet but did not.  It was small and made chirping noises like a bird.  The only way the girl could control the monkey was by keeping a string tied around the monkeys penis.  When he was out of control, the string got a yank to keep the monkey in line.  He seemed very tame but we were told that he had recently killed a large dog in the village by biting it to death.  A few of our group did venture to pet Chico.  Soon after he was given back to the girl, Chico bit her.  Very hard.

july20When he was not with his owner, he was in his hammock.  This was his home.  He swung himself back and forth in the hammock when we were there.  The fatheir of the girl took us around the village on a tour of sorts.  He told us of home remedies using monkeys teeth and caiman teeth to keep babies quiet.  We saw lots of typical things like people hunting and bathing.




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