Posted by: Matrixity | December 16, 2008

Pretty Afternoon: Paraquuba Village

It is Thursday, July 19th..afternoon

Well, it has been a while but I am finally back to finish this trip up.  Lots of things have happened in the past months but the meaning of this trip has never diminished.  In the afternoon, we packed up, had lunch and traveld to the next village.  On the way there as we sailed along, I asked about the tribes of the interior and was told that they are the ones that noone is allowed to visit.  Special permission is hard to get from he government to visit them.  Many wear clothes but still wear tribal paints and have piercings.

Pastor John found some fresh lemon grass in Sao Felix, so the kitchen help brewed it up and it was wonderful.  We tried not to think about what cattle had been grazing nearby as we drank it!  We even chewed some of the leaves whole.  They were not washed either.  Just bundled up with a large rubber band.

As we got closer to the village of Paraquuba, we all went out on deck as we approached.


It was another beautiful day.  Nothing but water, sun and clouds.

Pretty dayAs we got closer to the village, we left the open river and moved into another tributary.  As we got closer we all  went on deck to see what we could see.

paraquuba village



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