Posted by: Matrixity | December 17, 2008

Paraquuba: Womens Group

After lunch, Nancy , Michelle and I decided to go  back to the village.


People were still coming on board to have medical treatment.


As we walked we saw several different varieties of chickens that were very different that what I had seen in the states.


We attended the Womans’ Group run by the american nurse Maureen.  She was great.   She taught the women self breast exams, family planning and how to avoid UTI infections.  She even taught the women how to use condoms and put them on the correct way.  She taught the benefits of condoms…no more kids!  We did not have any condoms to give out but we did tell them they could be bought in the city.



The women were very shy, but Maureen worked with a member of the Brazilian team who acted as her interpreter.  VBS ended a little early so the kids played soccer with the Americans while the women finished up.


Since this was the very last place we would be stopping, we evenhad a special magic show for the kids.  The Brazilian crew was very entertaining.


After watching the magic show there was the evening church service and donations.  I did not go to these two things.  I was done in by the heat and was totally drenched in sweat.  Nancy and I went back to the boat and took nice long showers in the cold, brown amazon water.  It was a good choice because the water ran out later and no one could take any showers.


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