Posted by: Matrixity | December 18, 2008

Evening Approaches



After the service, the other team members drifted back to the boat for dinner.  The villagers who came to see us, left in their boats to go back home. This picture was an amazing one.  That stroller was the only modern thing I saw in the Amazon.  The stroller in the boat was a sight to see.


Dinner was a modgepodge of other things we had had earlier in the week, all made into a soup.  We had that sort of soup on yesterday as well.  It think we were getting low on food.  Because of all the starches, I  began to crave salad and all things green!  And balsamic dressing.  I could kill for salad dressing! Everyone is winding down for the day.

Jonathas told us that we all needed to put on bug spray to avoid being bitten.  It was very buggy.  I don’t want to put any on and don’t .  I have already had my shower.  My state?  Baked.  The sun had left me with 2 very bad sunburns on my forearms.  I have changed about 2 shades darker due to the sun.

Some of the Brazilian crew tool some of the Americans on a short ride in the motor boat around the area where we docked.



Just before the sun set, the captain told us that it was safe to get into the water.  Some decided to swim.  I did not.  Nancy, Sue and I watched.  Our 4th cabin mate, Virginia  did decide to swim as well.  She had her bikini and she was the most fashionable person on the entire trip!  Here is swimming just before sunset, just before we had to leave for the night.





  1. The pictures are just amazing! Enjoy 🙂
    Thanks for your visit 🙂

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